Empowering Women in India

Aparna Rajawat, a motivational speaker who empowers youth and women was the club’s June 6 speaker. She has been an international player in martial arts and choreographed numerous dance shows. When Aparna began working as a tour manager she conducted research on the social systems, religious beliefs, culture, marriage system, and other aspects the countries in which Aparna led tours. “This led me to open my mind and start seeing the condition of women in India, where in many ways they are not seen equally,” said Aparna. “After interacting with people from around the world, I have changed my views about the existence and importance of women.” One of her goals is to empower women in Aparna's native India. “I have in-depth knowledge about their life and the suffering, exploitation and sacrifices of women in my country. I have always had a desperate urge to do something for them and I must say this dream and dedication is not letting me sleep.”