Bringing Junior Achievement to Reseda Elementary School

Hi Everyone,

We want to thank you all for bringing the Junior Achievement Program to Reseda Elementary School.  The students  were grateful  for you taking the time out of your busy schedules to do this. They particularly enjoyed the collaborative acitvities and games and getting to know the volunteers. They are working on thank you letters that will be sent to you shortly. 

A particular thank you to the volunteers for willingly taking on such an endeavor. Having reviewed the materials, I know that it was quite a lot to absorb especially after only one day of training. 

We took many pictures and will be including them on our website. One picture will appear in our upcoming brochure. In the meantime, here are a few for you to enjoy. I'm sending them in two emails due to the size of the file.

Evelyn, please forward this to all the volunteers and express our deep appreciation for coming to Reseda.

Thank you again, so very much,

Rosemarie S. Kubena

Principal, Reseda  Elementary