Posted by Dana Sherman
Fleet Street and Angel City Celebration
THANK YOU all for enabling Fleet Street to participate today.  I am not sure who had more fun....the kids or the Fleet Street volunteers. Certainly, the volunteers had a positive experience. Bette, please thank Sally for me. The best thing about Sally helping us is that, unlike the rest of the Fleet Street volunteers, she doesn't spend the entire day looking for opportunities to make smart axx remarks to me :)
I estimate based upon the number of activity forms completed that we positively affected about 500 kids.  And the kids and their parents learned a little about bike helmets and bike sizes, Franklin Roosevelt, and polio and Rotary (and also World War III).  (it is hard for me to pass up a teaching opportunity).* In total, we distributed 25 bikes and helmets. The seven bikes that remained Steve took to another community based event that was this evening from 4:00 until 9:00 p.m.
Season's Greetings to You All, 
Dana Sherman
*  The $5 multiple choice question was: Franklin Roosevelt was President during which  major war?
A. The War of the Roses
B. The War on Poverty
C. World War I
D. World War II
E. World War III
The predominate response was World War III.....what a country !