Please bring your family and friends to our Club's evening fundraising
event of fun, singing servers and delicious authentic Sicilian Italian
food at CafĂ© Della Vita Bellissimo! 
Present a copy of this flyer to your server (anytime between 5:00 p.m.
& 7:30 p.m.) for our Woodland Hills Rotary Foundation to receive 20%
of your total check. (To print: "Click-Drag-Print"the flyer image below)
NOTE: This is our Club's last-Wednesday-of-the-month Evening
Social, which will be held from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM. In addition to
our social, we'll have the pleasure of guests Joao (our young Brazilian
exchange student who spent the school year with us two years ago)
along with his Mom, Dad and Sister. PLUS, there will be a special
Family of Rotary surprise.Shhhh! It's a secret wink.
Thank you for making a difference!