Welcome to the Woodland Hills Rotary Club! We are a dynamic, proactive, and bonded club. We give of our hearts, our time and our financial resources to support those in our community that are underserved. 
Morgan Freeman once said, “how do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” I firmly believe that no act of kindness is ever wasted and has the power to evoke greater change. This is why I have chosen Random Acts of Kindness as our theme for this year! While there are many organizations and factions of our community I look forward to serving alongside you this year, I wanted to speak to three very special causes I have chosen to emphasize in the year ahead.
Hope of the Valley is a non-profit organization that helps the ever growing homeless population in Los Angeles by providing residents with shelter, air conditioning and heating, food, security and assistance in finding jobs and permanent housing through their Tiny Homes Project.  This past year, we were able to raise enough funds to purchase nine tiny homes and it is my sincere hope to sponsor even more in the year to come.  
Pacific Lodge/Optimist holds a significant place in our hearts. The non-profit works to rescue young girls ages 12-17 from the streets and provide them with a residence and a wide array of services in Woodland Hills. 
Last, but certainly not least, I am excited that we will be supporting the partnership between Pierce College and the Lodge as they are preparing to give homeless community college students a place to live and thrive.
These are just some examples of the dedication and action that our members take to support our community.  To that end, Woodland Hills Rotary is not just about giving back, it is also a great place to find friends, get support and feel like one of the family.  We gather together for social activities and hands on community projects. Join us and our wonderful community of “Service above self.”
Shelley Stark
President of the Rotary Club of Woodland Hills 2022-2023